New Nordic handbook on laminated timber



Glued timber is a wood product which does not fulfil the laminated timber standards, but is made by gluing two or more items of sawn goods together.  Such products are used, as they are, in load-bearing consgtruction and as blanks for various wood products such as window frames, laminted logs, etc.  Strength-graded and ready finished glued timber products, etc. are available.


The laminated timber handbook, which has been overhauled to comply with the Eurocodes and adapted for Finland, has been published.  The book is an internet publication in three parts which can be downloaded at   htts://

PART 1  gives basic information about the properties and manufacture of laminated timber and its use in building.

PART 2  introduces in detail, the basics of designing laminated structures and their joints.

PART 3  presents, in condensed form, the equations, values and design methods used are illustrated with examples.

This is a very useful handbook for designers, officials and construction firms, and can be used extensively for teaching at various levels in the construction field.